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It is impossible to imagine our life without reading. Books give us much: knowledge, pleasure, food for meditation. Reading good authors, you learn to think so, as in the book. Over time, it is easier to get rid of parasites words, to speak correctly, and most importantly, with meaning. Reading opens up a host of opportunities:

   - Firstly, you broaden your horizons and develop thinking.

   - Secondly, you learn a lot of new and interesting facts.

   - Thirdly, delving into the story, you try to guess the author's idea, following the course of his thoughts; use your imagination to picture the characters and their world.

   - Fourthly, you learn to think logically and try to analyze the situation.

   - Fifthly, you're on the road with two-way traffic, and if you get more than you give.

Reading is the Best Pastime

What was familiar to us yesterday today becomes irrelevant, outdated, less efficient. A person must meet the so-called modalities of time. New inventions, discoveries, methods, practices, theories and rules require us to be us more mobile. Otherwise, we simply will not be able to function effectively in the modern world. Knowledge and skills obsolete if are not developed and used in practice. Therefore, it is especially important to read books and manuals. When you are short of time and money but you still adore reading, we offer you a good alternative – digital library. Lots of eBooks, manuals, guides, and encyclopedias, rare editions of belles-lettres, fiction, novels and historical works are available for free. The only condition is to pass a registration. Each registered user gets a free and unlimited access to a treasure of eBooks and manuals of all existing genres and fields of knowledge. Don’t lose your chance to succeed. It is time to change your life.

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